Aurlandsdalen Valley
Wild and beautiful - A unique experience

The hike from Østerbø Fjellstove to Vassbygdi is quite famous. The untouched, wild and beautiful nature of Western Norway, along with the age-old history and culture of all the small settlements, builds respect and fascination for what is and what once was there. One hike through a cultural landscape of abandoned farms at Nesbø, SinjarheimandAlmen, past Nesbøgalden, Berekvamsbrennevinet, Bjørnstigen, Likbjørka andVetlahelvete. All of these names signifies not only a very descriptive name and a very interesting history behind the names, but also tells a story about the culture through generations. At Tirtesva the path divides into two directions. One can choose the steep path Bjørnestigen or the easier route along the river. At Bjønnstigsletta the paths meets yet again.

For those who are fauna lovers Aurlandsdalen is an eldorado. The different seasons give different experiences of nature, each season special in its own way.

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